Last week Dan and I dined at a highly recommended restaurant in Little Italy called Rubirosa. For those that know me personally, I am not a huge pasta eater however while pregnant (especially in my third trimester) – why the hell not? Gotta get some delicious meals in before Baby G arrives and I go back on a permanent diet!

The restaurant takes reservations while it isn’t very big in size, the food is fantastic. A bunch of my girlfriends went here a few weeks ago and I wasn’t able to join and since then I’ve been itching to try it.

Some food highlights (since I wasn’t able to drink the wine) were the Black Kale (a perfect side or appetizer) , Meatballs – a pork-veal- beef combo which Dan enjoyed tremendously since I am not a meat-eater and mozzarella sticks – ummm delicious! For our dinner we shared rigatoni in a tomato basil sauce which just melted in our mouths and we spilt some pizzas. Rubirosa will do half and half on a large pizza which gave us the opportunity to try some different things. We got a small classic which is their signature pizza – well worth it and then we spilt a half sausage/broccoli rage (clearly for Dan)  and half tie-dye pizza (made up of pesto, vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella)

Now, tell me you aren’t hungry?

Until next time…



This weekend we are celebrating a few things 1. the upcoming arrival (in about 3 months) of our little man and 2. Our upcoming 2nd wedding anniversary. What a perfect way to celebrate two amazing occasions than with a little sun,beach and relaxation. We jetsetted to Puerto Rico yesterday afternoon for a long weekend away together. More to come next week but check out a few pictures so far.


Fall To Do List

November is my favorite month of the year. Not only did I get married in this month but the weather is my favorite. The leaves are changing and filled with gorgeous hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Although we don’t get to see much of the beautiful foliage in NYC, my husband and I will venture to the suburbs at some point and see the spectacular leaves.
There are so many things to do in New York City in the fall, sometimes its hard to narrow down which activities to tackle on the weekends. Check out some things that are catching my eye for the next few weeks.

1. Smorgasburg: A Brooklyn Flea Food Market: Dan has been asking me to go to Smorgasburg the Brooklyn Flea Food Market for quite some time now. I’ve never really wanted to go since I don’t particularly like eating like that. This year however since I am almost in my third trimester, I figure why not. If you haven’t been – check it out through November 22nd/23rd before it shuts down for the winter!
The Details: 100 Vendors • Every Weekend • 11am-6pm
Saturday: Williamsburg, East River State Park
Sunday: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 

2. #KillerHeels: If you know me, you know I love my shoes. Although I may not be rocking my high heels right now, there is no reason I can’t go check out some of the most amazing ones at the Brooklyn Museum Exhibit. Some of my absolute favorite designers will be showcasing some gorgeous ‘pieces of art’ (in my opinion, yes shoes are art) so this will be a must check out on a brisk, fall day!
The Details:  Brooklyn Museum: September 10, 2014–February 15, 2015, Robert E. Blum Gallery, 1st Floor

3. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic but high on my to do list is to check out the movie Gone Girl. I absolutely love the book and have been waiting to see this flick. Usually the book is always better than the movie, however I’ve heard raving reviews about this movie from people that have read and seen both.

4. Check out some new NYC restaurants. Rubirosa has been on my restaurant list for awhile now. Unfortunately a few weeks ago a bunch of my girlfriends headed down to Nolita to check it out and I couldn’t make it. My husband and I scored a Saturday night reservation in a few weeks so more to come on that! Can’t wait.

5. Calling all NYC expectant mothers! If you are having a baby this winter or spring, you must add the Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower to your list. This event is Wednesday November 12th and standard tickets are still available (going fast!!)
The Details: Wednesday, November 12th at The Metropolitan Pavilion from 6:30pm-9:30pm.
Over 100 different companies will be represented including baby gear, accessories, furniture, clothing, skin care, parenting services, retailers, and more! Plus play games to win prizes including strollers, high chairs, diaper bags, car seats, bedding, bibs, etc! Plus – everyone goes home with gift bags!! 



Once you become pregnant everyone wants to share with your their opinion on everything even when it’s not asked. After a few months (or weeks in some cases) you learn to politely smile and ignore their un-solicited advice. What absolutely drives me crazy are the comments that people say innocently, however they don’t realize they can be offensive.

1. Was it planned?
I mean, does it really matter? When sharing exciting news that you are expecting, the proper answer is Congratulations. Whether or not you are surprised by someone’s news it really makes no difference. It’s an exciting time either way!

2. Are you sure you don’t have twins in there?
Maybe they should just tell you flat out that they think you’ve gained a lot of weight because this question is outright rude. Every woman carries differently during pregnancy. Some bellies get bigger faster than others and some people don’t ever get truly big. With the amount of testing pregnant women go through – yes she is positive she is not having twins!

3. I think you’re having a…..
I got this a lot and it drove me nuts. There are so many old wives tails and honestly they mean nothing. For example, a lot of morning sickness in the 1st trimester can sometimes mean you are having a girl. Well, I had morning sickness for 6 straight weeks and I am having a boy so what is your point again?

4. Well, you are breastfeeding right?
How a mother decides to feed her child isn’t really appropriate for others to ask (or judge). Some people want to breast feed while others do not. Some people want to try it and see how it goes, others do not. It’s really a personal choice and women should not feel guilted one way or another.

5. It’s about time!
I swear, once you have been married for a year people think that you must now be trying to have a baby. Well, not everyone feels that way and it’s super frustrating to feel like everyone is watching your every move. Every time I ordered a vodka soda pre pregnancy, I felt like people were questioning whether or not it was truly an alcoholic beverage or not.

6. I thought you can’t eat or drink that?
Pregnant women are at the doctor so frequently they are well aware in most cases of what they can and cannot do. This is one of the first things the OBGYN goes over with you and pregnant women have plenty of doctors they don’t need more un solicited opinions on their diet.

7. So, when are you going to have another baby?
Seriously, can I have this one first? Many couples think they want a certain number of children and that can very quickly change (for more or less) after having one so let them just enjoy this time.

8. What is the baby’s name?
Some people are very nosy when it comes to this. My husband and I for example, are keeping this a secret until our son is born. We don’t want a lot of judgment or opinions when it comes to his name. We have some options we love and that what matters. Let couples share with you if they are sharing name ideas.

9. I only gained X amount of weight when I was pregnant
Well good for you. Those women that decide to share this fun fact are just outright rude. Everyone gains and loses weight at different paces. Some women can workout throughout their pregnancy while others can’t. In no world is saying this to a pregnant women ok.

10. Get all the sleep you can now!
Moms-to-be are well aware of the sleepless nights in their future. We don’t need people to remind us. It’s hard enough sleeping well during pregnancy (I don’t know about you but I am up every hour or two to use the bathroom) so they are pretty up to speed on what is coming their way.


Jenny's Fall Favorites

Now that we are approaching November, I am excited that it’s officially ‘fall’ in the world of nail polish. I’ve transitioned to darker shades for awhile now however it always feels more appropriate when the weather is a bit cooler. Surprisingly though, its still quite warm for this time of year.

Here are my top 10 favorites (all Essie because that is my go-to for nail polish) that I will be rocking over the  next few months! Which are your favorites?


1. Dress to Kilt: This is a new red shade from the Fall 2014 collection that I am loving. It’s a juicy, true, rocking red which will be perfect to pair with that holiday party dress come December. Or in my case, holiday party tent since I will be 8+months pregnant.

2. Bobbing for Baubles: This is probably my favorite navy shade because it’s has a touch of grey in it which softens it slightly. I was never into the blue family for my nails until about a year or two ago but this color is perfect for everyday wear in the colder weather (or all year round really)

3. Smokin Hot: A stone grey shade that my sister and I have been obsessed with for years. When you don’t feel like going too dark, this color is the perfect go to.

4. Power Clutch: Similar to my feelings on the blue family, this deep grey/green is something I would have never gravitated to a few years ago. As I’ve become much more open with my nail colors, this has become one of my top choices for a brisk fall day.

5. Carry On: Currently on my nails, this deep burgundy is a top choice of mine. I have my standard “go to” deep reds and this one is absolutely one of my top choices.

6. Limited Addiction: When I am not feeling something too dark, this garnet red is the perfect choice. I tend to gravitate to this color when we have a fall or winter wedding. This year – we have neither but for those of you who do- check this color out.

7. Chinchilly: When you are a little tired of the dark colors that tend to stain your nails a bit, this lighter shade of grey is a great switch up. It is universal and goes with everything so it’s a win win for all.

8. Size Matters: This is one of my favorite colors for a fall pedicure. It’s a ruby red that isn’t too dark but has a great jewel tone feeling to it.

9. Vested Interest: I would probably classify this as a lighter version of Power Clutch. This wooly cool grey/teal is a great transitional shade from wall to winter. It’s a bit edgy which is why I like it.

10. Wicked: A fan favorite of many and still one of my top picks. This award winning deep red is a sexy choice for fall + winter (all year round really) and I still crave my ‘wicked’ fixes throughout the colder months.

As most of our friends and family have known for months, I am thrilled to announce that my husband and I are expecting our first child in early February 2015. I’ve taken quite a bit of hiatus from blogging and apologize for the delay in posts, however I am excited to introduce a new category that I will be sharing my thoughts on: motherhood. I will continue to maintain the feel of jennychats as a lifestyle blog but will just be adding some additional topics.
Below I’m going to share with you my answers to the top 5 questions that I’ve been asked relating to my pregnancy over the past few months.

1. How have you been feeling?
Jenny: Well after a rough 1st trimester filled with constant bloating, exhaustion and severe nausea, I am feeling great. I am 6+ months now and although I feel like my belly is growing by the second (which it probably is!) I have my energy back and I am super excited to meet this little man in just over 3 months!

2. What has been the most exciting thing throughout your pregnancy?
Jenny: Feeling the baby move for the first time- absolutely!! This little guy is a kicker and it’s only getting stronger and stronger. I love feeling him move (even if it is at 3am!)

3. What has been the hardest part of pregnancy?
Jenny: The weight gain – that is for sure. I am a bridesmaid in two weddings next year and I am so nervous that I won’t feel like myself for them. I know it comes off and since I have been working out throughout my pregnancy, I am hoping it doesn’t take too long. At the end of the day, this little man is worth every pound on my body!

4.Do you have any cravings?
Jenny: Not really. Since I was super sick throughout the first 12-14 weeks I pretty much ate things that just made the nausea go away. Raisin bread was one of those favorite things! Strange, I know. 

5. Do you know what you are having?
Jenny: We do! Below was our announcement to family and friends! 



Excited to be back with all new topics and fun things to share!

Belt Bag

Ok, so I’ve been hearing + seeing a lot of buzz regarding the ‘belt bag’ or better known as the ‘fanny pack’ making a comeback for Fall 2014. I am very curious as people’s thoughts on this potential trend as I secretly (well not so secretly anymore) kinda love it.

The traditional bulky fanny pack kinda defeats the purpose of going ‘hands free’ but some of these belt-like, updated styles from Gucci (which aren’t new by the way!!) are super fashionable and easy to wear. What do you think?


With fall fashion rapidly hitting the stores, I am super excited about all the fun new styles that are popping up. If you live in the Northeast, you know that there is a small window which I’d like to call the ‘vest’ window. Between September and early November the latest, the vest can be the outerwear of choice as the cooler temperatures begin to arise. I’ve highlighted 5 of my favorites from around the web and it’s no secret that I love a good fur vest. Do you have your eye on any vests for the Fall season? 


As many of you know, I am a big fan of cycling at Flywheel Sports. The classes are full of energy, great music and upbeat New Yorkers. Recently, SID (a popular nickname for my friend Sarah) and I decided to have a double the fun Sunday with a little wheel followed by a little barre. I’ve been wanting to try Flybarre for a while now but I was a bit nervous of two things

1. I’d love it so much I’d become addicted
2. I’d really dislike it.

Well I must say it’s the first option. I took a Pure Barre class awhile back and was really not into it so I was a bit turned off by the idea of ‘barre’. (sorry to the PB fans) Well, Flybarre wasn’t like that at all. It was a total body conditioning class and I must say, I was very sore afterwards. It works all components of your body in either a power 45minute work out or a full hour. If you are looking for a class that will condition, lean out and build strength to your body, Flybarre is the right choice!


The Summer Scarf
I am loving the summer scarf right now. It adds a bit of spunk to a simple outfit. With the steamy temperatures, it may feel a bit weird to rock a scarf but it’s lightweight and great for an evening out where temperatures may drop a bit cooler. (let’s also not forget the crisp AC that many restaurants offer). So when you are staring at your closet with a blank face, just pull out a simple black or white tank and pair it back to bright, fun scarf and you will be good to go.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites around the web particularly from JCrew, Anthropologie and Shopbop, check ‘em out! 

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