Belt Bag

Ok, so I’ve been hearing + seeing a lot of buzz regarding the ‘belt bag’ or better known as the ‘fanny pack’ making a comeback for Fall 2014. I am very curious as people’s thoughts on this potential trend as I secretly (well not so secretly anymore) kinda love it.

The traditional bulky fanny pack kinda defeats the purpose of going ‘hands free’ but some of these belt-like, updated styles from Gucci (which aren’t new by the way!!) are super fashionable and easy to wear. What do you think?


With fall fashion rapidly hitting the stores, I am super excited about all the fun new styles that are popping up. If you live in the Northeast, you know that there is a small window which I’d like to call the ‘vest’ window. Between September and early November the latest, the vest can be the outerwear of choice as the cooler temperatures begin to arise. I’ve highlighted 5 of my favorites from around the web and it’s no secret that I love a good fur vest. Do you have your eye on any vests for the Fall season? 


As many of you know, I am a big fan of cycling at Flywheel Sports. The classes are full of energy, great music and upbeat New Yorkers. Recently, SID (a popular nickname for my friend Sarah) and I decided to have a double the fun Sunday with a little wheel followed by a little barre. I’ve been wanting to try Flybarre for a while now but I was a bit nervous of two things

1. I’d love it so much I’d become addicted
2. I’d really dislike it.

Well I must say it’s the first option. I took a Pure Barre class awhile back and was really not into it so I was a bit turned off by the idea of ‘barre’. (sorry to the PB fans) Well, Flybarre wasn’t like that at all. It was a total body conditioning class and I must say, I was very sore afterwards. It works all components of your body in either a power 45minute work out or a full hour. If you are looking for a class that will condition, lean out and build strength to your body, Flybarre is the right choice!


The Summer Scarf
I am loving the summer scarf right now. It adds a bit of spunk to a simple outfit. With the steamy temperatures, it may feel a bit weird to rock a scarf but it’s lightweight and great for an evening out where temperatures may drop a bit cooler. (let’s also not forget the crisp AC that many restaurants offer). So when you are staring at your closet with a blank face, just pull out a simple black or white tank and pair it back to bright, fun scarf and you will be good to go.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorites around the web particularly from JCrew, Anthropologie and Shopbop, check ‘em out! 

Many people tend to escape New York City in the summer time, however many out-of-towners venture to the city that never sleeps. If you are contemplating the later here are a few quick tips to not look out-of-place in this hustle + bustle city. There are many versions of these lists floating around the internet but here are my favorite quick tips.

1. Don’t stare. There may be a Naked Man in the middle of Times Square or a group of young men singing + dancing on the subway, the key is act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening around you. New Yorkers are always unfazed by the crazy incidents that often occur on the street or subway.

2. Footwear. You rarely see a New York woman walk around in running sneaks when she isn’t in gym clothes or rocking the high heels mid afternoon on a Saturday to ‘walk around’. Stylish yet functional (and practical footwear!) is a must. Ballet flats + flip flops in the summer, basic sneakers (i.e. Converse) or flat boots in the colder months.

3. Keep Moving. New Yorkers walk at a brisk pace and if they need to stop for a reason, they step to the side. A dead tourist give away are the folks that stop in the middle of the sideway and cause a traffic jam. Also, please, please walk on the right side of the sideway!

4. Celebrities. If you are lucky enough to run in to a celeb, make sure you don’t ask for their autograph or a photo with them. If you can creepily sneak a pic, I think that’s fine but to ask them to pose with you on the side of the a bit creepy! Photos are an event or function however are totally acceptable. Don’t forget to brag on your social media platforms as well!

5. Metro Card. It’s always easy to stop the tourists on the subway. The fumbling and complexity of swiping the metro card and walking through simultaneously gets ‘em every time. Just take your time + be cool. Think of your metro card like a credit card and you will be fine.


3 years ago today Dan and I got engaged. It’s incredible how fast time flies and it feels like yesterday we were kick starting our wedding planning. Now 3 years later, we are happily married for a year in a half and have become great sounding boards for our friends that are going through their own wedding planning processes.


I loved planning our perfect day, however as I am a notorious worrier with tendencies to give myself bad anxiety, I found myself constantly needing to keep my emotions in check + relax. Try massages or taking a spin class- both are my quick go-to’s for relaxation!

The best advice I can share with those recently engaged or about to be (yay!), when the planning process is feeling stressful or unenjoyable, take a moment to step back + breathe. We had the typical moments of high aggravation that every couples feels however I feel we did a great job of truly savoring our engagement and enjoying what it truly means.  Lastly, don’t stress about the things you cannot control (i.e. what if it rains? nothing you can do) and just enjoy the perfect + best day of your lives.

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Saturday was a gorgeous day in New York, almost too good to not enjoy doing something outdoors. A few years back DG took me up to Woodbury Commons for the day which is a huge array of outlets. Being from Boston, I had never been to these outlets before as I grew up visiting the Wrentham outlets which now realizing is a much smaller version of Woodbury.


Outlet shopping can be hit or miss. Over the years however I’ve had some really good finds (i.e. Prada wedges for $300 or a Theory blazer for $90). Here are a few tips + tricks to outlet shopping that help me find some of these amazing deals!

1. Time of Day. Obviously weekends are the easiest time to make the 1hr drive from NYC however if you can swing it, arriving at 2pm vs. 10am is always beneficial. We stopped for lunch on our journey and didn’t arrive until a little past 2. The lines had calmed down, the amount of people was definitely less than in past visits and it was overall much more enjoyable.

2. Patience: Clearly when you are going shopping at outlets you cannot go with buying something in mind. It’s purely the luck of the draw so be patient when digging around those racks!

3. Plan of Attack: I always have specific shops in mind that I like to visit when I go to Woodbury Commons so it makes it a bit easier to navigate around the distance.

Jenny’s Top 5 Favorite Shops
I usually have great success in the follow shops when I visit the outlets so if you are looking to make a day trip, I highly recommend checking them out.
1. Under Armour: The best place to find work-out clothes. I never leave this shop without at least a few new tops and of course socks!
2. Theory: The blazer is my weakness and always end up finding a great new staple piece to update my closet. Saturday’s purchase was a great boyfriend / longer length blazer ($550 down to $125!)
3. Prada: Probably my favorite designer shop at Woodbury. I found the shoes super comfortable and the bags well purposed. If you come during the week, you can especially catch a great deal. Think almost 50% off!
4. JCrew: Always busy but always consistent. Dan especially loves the JCrew t-shirts that are $10 a pop.
5. AG Jeans + 7 for all Mankind: Denim is always a great find at the outlets because they run roughly about $99 a pair whereas in the department stores they are usually well over $150. This visit, I didn’t really need any new denim but it’s often a staple shop for me.


Nude 'Tude
The color Nude is a tricky one as it usually looks best with a tan, however there are many ways to integrate Nude into your daily look. I am personally a big fan of a nude shoe as it works back to so many different outfits.  Even if you are wearing all black, a nude shoe can really add a level of sophistication and dimension to your look. As for makeup, I love to wear a smokey eye + nude lip, especially in the summer when I have more color. (I am a bit on the paler side if you didn’t already know!) Check out some of my ‘nude’ favorites below. Which do you like?
White Skirt
I have recently purchased a white pleated skirt from Club Monaco for summer + early fall transition. The skirt is lightweight, elastic at the waist (which is great if you want to wear a shorter proportion on top) and of course meets the requirement of any pleated maxi skirt: flowing + flirty. I’ve pulled together 3 examples of tops that could create different looks yet still pull off a put together appearance. 
1. Chambray Shirt: If you are going to wear this, you must make it look a lot cooler than the photograph. Tied at the waist, unbuttoned and casual. I personally like my chambray shirts a bit big so they can have a multi purpose.
2. Graphic Tee: As I mentioned in How to Style a Graphic Tee, I am loving these for the warmer days. They are casual yet can pull of a super, cute look.
3. Lastly, the lace crop top: With an elastic waist skirt, you can have an easy time pulling it up and down to create different proportions. I’ve recently got a cute lace crop top at a boutique near me but this one is similar. Love the idea of an all white look. (Just don’t plan any pasta dinners that night!)
Click Images for the links to each product: 

I often will share some of my gym + running playlists that I love but since it is now summer, (well, officially next week) I’ve decided to implement a new music series for all you beach lovers. Each Wednesday I will share a themed playlist of some of my favorite tunes or recent song obsessions. I love high energy music especially for working out however sometimes I like to just chill to something a bit slower + softer.  The theme of the week is “A Twist” which is versions of original songs that I just love.  Check out 12 of my favorites. 

summer music series 1


1. This version of The Heart of the Matter is one of my favorite songs. I love the original by Don Henley however this version (heard on Brothers + Sisters) by India Arie is full of soul + love. It’s simply amazing.

2. Covering Whitney is very hard to do and most of the time, I don’t love it however Chvrches (pronounced ‘Churches’) is a Scottish electronic band that is only 3 years old. I happen to think this version of a Whitney favorite is very catchy.

3. Open Arms, originally by one of my favorite bands of all time Journey was re-made by Mariah and is just fabulous. Mariah simply sings the *&%$ out of this song!

4. XO released on Beyonce’s 5th studio album was twisted by John Mayer. I recently heard this in a spin class and it instantly struck my attention. Is it bad that I think it may even be better than the original?

5. If You Leave by Nada Surf was covered for the O.C which had some of the best cover songs I’ve ever heard. The original was recorded in the 80’s for Pretty in Pink by British band OMD.

6. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, made famous by the Police is a classic. Sleeping At Last created this twist for Grey’s Anatomy this past season which caught my attention!

7. Starship’s We Built this City is one of everyone’s favorite 80s songs. This cover is much slower + softer which makes it an interesting version of this originally upbeat tune.

8. Once you get past the first minute of the song which I must say is a bit weird, this version of Against All Odds, originally by Phil Collins is quite interesting with a mix of different beats.

9. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is the most famous cover version of this 1984 classic. There are many cover versions of this song out there however this one is my most favorite. 

10. Made popular by the revived version by Pearl Jam, Last Kiss believe it or not was originally performed in the 1960s. It however did not do well on the charts so most people immediately relate Last Kiss to the more recent version which is a favorite of mine by the great band.

11. Everybody Wants to Rule the World another popular tune with lots of cover versions floating around. My most favorite also performed on Grey’s Anatomy is by Aron Wright. It’s slow, soft and just a perfect song to relax to. 

12. Another favorite by Sleeping at Last, the ever so famous Total Eclipse of the Heart. I still love the Bonnie Tyler + Nikki French versions however what is great about this version is how different it is from the aforementioned. Another great kick back and chill out song! 


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