Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous in NYC and it was the perfect temperature outdoor activities. Surprisingly after a hard AM workout at the Fhitting Room, I decided that my fitness regime was not done for the day. Around 6pm, I went for a nice jog along the streets of Manhattan. Running on the streets, especially at rush hour […]

As the weather warms here in New York City, one of my favorite parts about living here is the vibrant running scene. Today being a gorgeous, sunny Spring day, I thought I’d share the best places to run in NYC. I am very fortunate that I live only a few blocks away from a Central […]

New York City may be the greatest city in the world but it may also be the most expensive! I remember when I first moved to New York 9 years ago and was not making a lot of money, it was hard to ‘do it all’. I would often have to make choices to ensure […]

One of my goals when creating this blog is to inspire my readers. I may be passionate about fitness, the gym, spinning, weight training and healthy eating now, but I haven’t always been this way. Rewind about 10 years ago and the only machines I could name were the treadmill, elliptical and everything else was […]

What is HIIT? :  High Intensity Interval Training is a series of short, super-intense, cardio-strength intervals, with short recovery periods in between. (Think Burpees or Jump Squats). While this has been used by trainers and athletes for years, it’s much more prevalent in gyms and fitness studios than ever before. What is the attraction?: A 50-60 […]

I’ve never been to one to switch up my cardio routine since for the longest time all I did was rotate between running and spinning. Recently I’ve added a row circuit in the mix. One of the most important reasons to switch up your cardio routine is, you will get better results! The rowing machine […]


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