Many people tend to escape New York City in the summer time, however many out-of-towners venture to the city that never sleeps. If you are contemplating the later here are a few quick tips to not look out-of-place in this hustle + bustle city. There are many versions of these lists floating around the internet […]

This weekend friends and I hit up one of New York’s newest, warm weather hot spots. Well, it may not be hot just yet as it’s only 3 weeks old, however give it a few weeks and it will be. The North River Lobster Company, located at Pier 81 (41st and 12th ave) is a floating lobster shack on […]

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing long weekend. We spent ours in Florida visiting my grandpa and his wife. The weather in Florida in May is spectacular so we both came home with a lot of sun (and maybe a little burnt as well). We landed in Newark yesterday afternoon and luckily since the […]

This past Saturday night, Dan and I enjoyed an amazing meal at Carbone. We celebrated our 1st anniversary in November and received a gift certificate to Carbone from my parents to celebrate. As I mentioned in Hotter than Hot NYC Restaurants, it is quite challenging to get a reservation here (details below) but thanks to […]

Bite Beauty, one of my latest lip color favorites has created a Lipstick Lab. Located in NYC’s Soho neighborhood this lab allows customers to customize their own lipstick (color, scent, texture, etc!) You have the option to choose from pre-mixed color pigments, which can be combined to create a distinct new hue personalized to YOU! […]


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