For those of you who know me won’t be surprised when I say, that I am often referred to as a “gym rat”. I love to run (both indoors and outdoors), spin and try out all different types of classes in NYC.

Back in 2009 I set new fitness goals and joined the New York Sports Club on 91st street near my old apartment. I committed to running at least 3 days a week to build stamina and achieve my weight loss goals. At the time running 2 miles was such a challenge for me, especially at 10 minutes/mile. 5 years later after a lot of hard work and commitment, I’ve run many charity races anywhere from 4-6 miles and run regularly at least 3x a week. I’ve even gotten my mile down to as low as 8:30/mile! Half Marathon one day? Perhaps!

The one consistent motivator for me to keep up my fitness goals has always been music. I am always on Itunes grabbing new songs in all sorts of genres, however recently I’ve become obsessed with the “mash-up”. There is nothing more motivating than 2 songs you loved coming together to create a fabulous beat.

Lobsterdust and The White Panda are two of my favorite mash-up DJ’s. Here are a few of my favorites that get me pumped and motivated. Download ’em and I guarantee you will have a killer work-out!


Don’t Stop The Good Time (Journey vs. Owl City + Carly Rae Jepson)

A Million Swedish Summers (Swedish House Mafia vs. Bryan Adams)

Losing My Amarok (REM vs. Denzal Park)


One thought on “The “Mash-up”

  1. Dani says:

    Adorable! Look forward to reading your blog

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