When it comes to sports I am not a huge fan. I’ll watch a football game here & there or catch an inning of a baseball game but I don’t particularly follow the season. The one sport that I am passionate about is college basketball. When applying to colleges, Syracuse was the ONLY school I wanted to go to. Ask my parents, there was no other option in my book. Thankfully, after a anxiety filled afternoon I realized I got in. (My dad drove around with my acceptance letter for hours and didn’t answer his phone – major anxiety!)

Dan and I both graduated from Syracuse, although we didn’t really know each other there. Over the past five years, Dan has managed to turn me into this crazy, big Syracuse fan. For someone that has never gotten into sports, I can name the starting 5 along with the 6th, 7th and 8th man for the Cuse bball team. We can even get a bit fancy and put some numbers to those names!
Syracuse vs. Duke 2/1/14
Recently up at Syracuse for the Duke game (re-match tomorrow night at 7p), I naturally had to buy some new Syracuse clothing to support my favorite team. The clothes are much cuter now than when I was in college! The Original Retro Brand is a brand that partners with many schools to create a “vintage look” in their apparel for both men and women.  With March madness shortly upon us, I pulled together apparel from a bunch of school’s (sorry if I missed yours) to get everyone pumped up for the tournament. GO CUSE!


A: Kansas Jawhawks Women’s & Men’s
B: Florida Gators Women’s & Men’s
C: Kentucky Wildcats Women’s & Men’s
D: Connecticut Huskies Women’s & Men’s
E: Georgetown Hoyas Women’s & Men’s
F: Duke Blue Devils Women’s & Men’s
G: UCLA Bruins Women’s & Men’s
H: Syracuse Orange Women’s & Men’s
I: Indiana Hoosiers Women’s & Men’s
J: Wisconsin Badgers Women’s & Men’s
K: Michigan Wolverines Women’s & Men’s
L: Miami Hurricanes Women’s & Men’s
M: Arizona Wildcats Women’s & Men’s
N: Maryland Terps Women’s & Men’s
O: Louisville Cardinals Women’s & Men’s


2 thoughts on “Madness is upon us

  1. Z says:

    where are the fighting quakers??

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