I don’t know about you, but I am ready to turn in my dark red, charcoal grey and midnight blue nails for something lighter, brighter and a whole lot more fun. Essie’s Spring 2014 collection has arrived!  Like every season, Essie releases new shades of already popular colors to her fabulous nail collection.


Top Row (left to right) Romper Room: The latest and greatest addition to the pale pink. I am a big fan of Muchi Muchi but I will absolutely be checking this out. Hide & Go Chic: I am personally not a bright blue kinda gal but nothing says “I see you!” like this color. Go for it ladies! Fashion Playground: The soft mints started to really grow on me last season (Mint Candy Apple is really nice for the toes!) This fresh new shade of mint has some shimmer to it, so I think this will be a pedi must for me!

Bottom Row (left to right) Style Hunter: For those of your plotting some warm weekend gate-aways this one if for you.  This color is fabulous! It’s bright, hot and super sexy. This may be my new regular go to for the toes! Truth or Flare: Inspired by the return of blue denim, this softer shade of blue makes for a sexy, fun nail color. Spin the Bottle: For those ladies that like more of a sheer nude, this color is for you. It’s subtle yet still fabulous for spring!

Doesn’t it make you just want to break out those wedges and flip flops? Only a few more weeks (we hope!)
Have a great weekend!


One thought on “Color Me Pretty

  1. Marissa says:

    I stumbled upon this fabulous blog and must say its so upbeat and inspirational! Your entries are all current and I frequently check to read new entries. I wish you would write more then once a day 🙂 I finally found Style Hunter nail polish (it was sold out in 5 stores in my area) and both my fingers and toes look so sexy! My husband never notices but even he gave me a compliment!!!

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